About Us

Saint Humic Acid has been doing humic acids R&D and marketing since 2009.Has office in Beijing and Henan.Our Products are humic acids,Sodium Humate,Potassium Humate,Super Potassium Humate,Potassium Fulvate,Fulvic Acid,Medical Humic Acids and so on.

Our Application is agriculture,animal feed,environment,human being healthcare ,details as follows


Humic acids used in agriculture as soil conditioner,fertilizer accelerator,plants care agent and so on. Humic Acids provide the energy and many of the mineral requirements for soil microorganisms and soil animals. Beneficial soil organisms lack the photosynthetic apparatus to capture energy from the sun thus must survive on residual carbon containing substances on or in the soil. Energy stored within the carbon bonds functions to provide energy for various metabolic reactions within these organisms. Beneficial soil organisms (algae, yeasts, bacteria, fungi nematodes, mycorrhizae, and small animals) perform many beneficial functions which influence soil fertility and plant health. For example the bacteria release organic acids which aid in the solubilization of mineral elements bound in soil.

Bacteria also release complex polysaccharides (sugar based compounds) that help create soil crumbs (aggregates). Soil crumbs give soil a desirable structure. Other beneficial soil microorganisms such as the Actinomyces release antibiotics into the soil. These antibiotics are taken up by the plant to protect it against pests. Antibiotics also function to create desirable ecological balances of soil organisms on the root surface (rhizoplane) and in soil near the roots (rhizosphere). Fungi also perform many beneficial functions in soils.

Humic acids functions to improve the soil’s water holding capacity. The most important function of humic substances within the soil is their ability to hold water. From a quantitative standpoint water is the most important substance derived by plants from the soil. Humic substances help create a desirable soil structure that facilitates water infiltration and helps hold water within the root zone.And so on.

2.Animal Feed

  • Provide necessary sodium which is inorganic electrolyte for animal health and need to maintain good level.
  • Balance beneficial bacteria like intestinal flora to promote feed efficiency thus increase weight at least 5%-15%
  • Sodium humatecan help to form a protective film on the mucous lining of the gastro-intestinal tract,which could prevent excessive losses of water via the intestine.
  • Humic acid has CEC which could help to absorb toxin and heavy metals before it cause cellular damage,thus remove them out of body to avoid tumor.
  • Stronger gut biology effects ,the organic acids can assist the breakdown of both the carbohydrate and protein components of bacteria and virus particles while supporting the proliferation of beneficial probiotic species.

3.Environment Protection

Humic acids played good function in polluted soil and water recovery.


The humic acid molecule prepares nutrients to inter-react with each other. When humic acid is present in the body, nutrients are dissolved into the simplest ionic form and disappear into the humic acid structure. Most of the benefits we receive from nutrients occur are due to their co-factor reactions with each other. Humic acid offers tremendous benefits because it enhances these reactions.

  • Humic acid transports nutrients right into the cells.

It can often transport many times its weight in dissolved nutrients and elements. Humic acid is so powerful that one single humic acid molecule is capable of carrying 70 or more minerals and trace elements into the cells.

  • Humic acid makes cell membranes more permeable.

It makes cell membranes more permeable, so nutrients can more easily enter the cell, as well as allowing waste to leave the cells more readily. One of the strongest advantages of humic acid minerals is that absorption greatly exceeds traditional tablet supplements. As with any nutrient or supplement, the only way your body can benefit, is if it is absorbed. Humic acid enhances this process.

  • Humic acid increases absorption of oxygen and decreases acidity.

It quickly destroys acid in the body fluids which helps increase the amount of oxygen in the blood.A lack of blood oxygen is a major contributing factor for acidity. Excess body acidity is associated with virtually all degenerative diseases; including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney stones, tooth decay, sleep disturbances, depressive disorders, and more.

  • Humic acidchanges the pattern of metabolism of carbohydrates.

It also intensifies the metabolism of proteins, and has been shown to stimulate the immune system.

  • Humic acid improves enzyme development.

Humic acid is the most powerful natural free-radical scavenger and antioxidant known to science at this time.

  • Because humic acid minerals are organic, they will not build up in the body tissues, as do metallic and clay based minerals.