Nitro Humic Acid

Nitro Humic Acid is oxidized humic acid,with higher Cation exchange capability and humic acid content.Not soluble in water ,in black powder form.Usually used as soil recovery agent to balance soil pH,improve soil soil structure.

Main Specification

 AppearanceBlack PowderBlack Granule
 Product codeSHA-NHA-PSHA-NHA-G
 Humic Acid(dry basis)50.0% min50.0% min


1.Humic substances are key components of a friable (loose) soil structure. Various carbon containing humic substances are key components of soil crumbs (aggregates). Complex carbohydrates synthesized by bacteria and humic substances function together with clay and silt to form soil aggregates.

2.Humic substances become intimately associated with the mineral fraction of the soil, colloidal complexes of humus-clay and humus silt aggregates are formed. These aggregates are formed by electrical processes which increase the cohesive forces that cause very fine soil particles and clay components to attract each other. Once formed these aggregates help create a desirable crumb structure in the top soil, making it more friable. Soils with good crumb structure have improved tilth, and more porous openings (open spaces). These pores allow for gaseous interchange with the atmosphere, and for greater water infiltration.

3.Soils abused by applications of anhydrous ammonia and by other destructive practices (those which destroy humic substance) can shorten residence times by several hundred years. The turnover time of organic carbon added each year from plant and animal residues averages approximately 30 years, under ideal conditions.

4.In order to retain humic substances within the soil growers need to implement production practices which prevent their decomposition. Growers need to develop practices which retain the residence time of humic substances. It is essential to avoid destructive fertilization practices, rotate crops, minimize pesticide usage, deep plowing, and mix crop residues in the top soil by using minimum tillage practices. Soils which contain adequate humic substances have improved tilth (workability) and are thus more efficiently maintained for crop production.


1.Woven bags with poly bags inside 25kgs net weight.
2.Could also provide according to customer’s requirement.