1. Humic Acid Removes Heavy Metals

Humic Acid has the special ability to bind positively charged ions in the body. It combines with deposits formed when particles of magnesium, calcium, iron, cadmium or phosphorus are dissolved in water because these deposits are positively charged. This purifies and restores balance in the body. Some scientists use HA as a method to remove heavy metals as well as unwanted ones from the body. In fact, a well-balanced body always needs a small number of certain metals but too much can be damage. Regulating the number of metal ions entering the body is important. This means that people will consume less unnecessary metals, and their bodies will be less dependent on removal and expel toxic heavy metals.

2. Helps Promote Digestion and Nutrient Absorption

Electrolytes and other trace minerals are very important for proper metabolic function, digestive health, and nutrient assimilation. Taking in small doses the organisms from fulvic acid can significantly improve the proportion of bacteria living in the gut as well as reduce many digestive symptoms such as constipation, bloating, diarrhea and food sensitivity.

Fulvic acid increases the absorption of nutrients of cells by making them more permeable and resistant to inflammation in the digestive organs. Recognized as a supplement that helps restore the body’s optimal pH level. By alkalizing the body and preventing the formation of an overly acidic environment. Preventing long-term disease development and improve defense against harmful bacteria, fungi, and other organisms

3. Makes all Nutrients more easily Absorbed.

When Humic acid is present, the nutrients dissolve into the simplest ionic form and disappear. It allows vitamins and elemental minerals to be easily transported into cell membranes by complexing them (refining, purifying, combining and re-refining) into readily absorbed forms. Once the nutrients are dissolved and complexed, they become biochemically reactive, bioavailable, mobile, and easily absorbed. Obviously, HA already enhances these reactions effectively.

4. Humic Acid Transports Nutrients Into Cells.

A Humic Acid molecule can carry 70 or more minerals and trace elements into the cell. It makes the cell membrane more permeable, so nutrients can enter as well as waste can leave the cell more easily. HA also can destroy the acid in body fluids so that helps increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. In Fact, excessive body acidity is the cause of some all degenerative diseases including cancer, Heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney stones, tooth decay, sleep disorders, depression, etc.

5. Changes the Pattern of Carbohydrate Metabolism.

It also exacerbates protein metabolism, stimulates the immune system and increases enzyme development. Studies have shown that humic acid improves enzyme response in cells and produces the greatest enzymatic development. Particularly, the lack of digestive enzymes can lead to poor absorption of nutrients. Currently, HA is the most powerful radical scavenger and antioxidant. The humic acid is bound to free radical circulates in the body and then converted to organic (usable materials) or flush out of the body if unnecessary

6. Humic Acid is a powerful Antidote.

Has the ability to remove toxic by changing these toxic to a usable compound or eliminated as waste. Particularly, they will remove contaminants, including herbicides, radioactive elements, and toxic metals, by combining them with these substances and flushing them out. Plus, the function of HA is to balance and stimulate all cell and biological properties and inhibit human tumors. Medical experiments have shown that the tumor inhibition rate hits more than 50%, and the cancer suppression rate is over 58%.