Bio Fulvic Acid also called Bio Potassium fulvate, is important fulvic acid salt and completely water-soluble. Could be used for foliar spray. It has two grades with fulvic acid content 50% and 60%.


Product name Bio Fulvic Acid 50%
Appearance Brown Powder
Product code SHA-BFA-50%
Water solubility 100%
Fulvic Acids(Dry basis) 50.0%min
Calcium(CaO dry basis) /
Potassium(K2O dry basis) 10.0%min
Moisture 15.0%min
pH 5-6
Mesh 60


  • Fulvic acid helps create a desirable soil structure that facilitates water infiltration and helps hold water within the root zone.
  • Fulvic acid and Humates stabilize or assists in the degradation of toxic substances such as nicotine, aflatoxins, antibiotics, shallots, and most organic pesticides.
  • Seeds are coated in our seed mix (50% powdered Humates) or dipped in fulvic, humic or liquid Humates it improves the strike rate and speeds growth.
  • A very pronounced influence on the growth of plant roots. When humic acids are applied to soil enhancement of root initiation and increased root growth.
  • Excellent foliar fertilizer carriers and activators. Their application in combination with trace elements and other plant nutrients, as foliar sprays, can improve the growth of plant foliage, roots, and fruits.
  •  It exhibits significant cold tolerance in wheat, canola, rice, legume crops in Northeast and Guangxi sugarcane, of which the control of rice in early spring on low Rot effect is very obvious. Henan, Shanxi planted wheat, corn on saline land where use fulvic acid to make seed dressing or spraying treatment, have made a significant stimulation effect.
  •  It also has a good effect in the prevention and treatment of apples rot, downy mildew, rot sweet potatoes, vegetables yellow leaf disease, Verticillium, etc.


For foliar spray:3000 time dilution every two weeks.


  • Woven bags with poly bags inside 25kgs net weight,
  • Provide according to the customer’s requiremens.