Potassium Humate work as Potential Soil Conditioner and Plant Growth Promoter

There is no better way to enhance the economics of farming, than to build soil humus and enhance the natural processes, suchas microbial activity, which can be sustained over a long period of life. Potassium humates derived from lignite brown coal arealkaline, rich in carboxylic and phenolic groups, aromatic in nature and provide favourable conditions for biological activity,chemical reactions and physical improvement of soil.

Accumulation level of natural humic acids like potassium humate has shownto reduce the need for commercial fertilizers because it improves fertilizer efficiency. The utilization of humic acid has been foundto reduce the leaching of fertilizers and pesticides into aquifer and surface waters. By using humic acids, growers will graduallyreduce application macro and micronutrients fertilizers application with addition to the improvement of overall crop yields and quality.

What is potassium humate?

Potassium humate is the salt of humic acid, derived from lignite brown coal and rich in carboxylic and phenolicgroups

Humic acid influence the plant growth both directly and indirectly. The indirect effect of humic acid improvesphysical, chemical and biological condition of soil

Its direct effects attributed due to its metabolic activity in plant growth

Potassium humate enhance soil health as well as environment quality during crop cultivation.

Physical Benefits :

  • Improve the soil’s water holding capacity – Humic substances function as water sponges
  • Increase soil aeration and soil workability by improving ‘crumb’ structure in the top soil
  • Encourage soil animals
  • Help maintain a more uniform soil temperature

Chemical Benefits :

  • Act as a natural chelator (by providing a high cationic exchange capacity) to improve the uptake of
  • minerals, nutrients and trace elements by plants
  • Act as a buffer to neutralise alkaline and acidic soils, freeing many previously bound trace elements
  • Stabilise or assist in the degradation of toxic substances (including toxic pesticides

Biological Benefits:

  • Stimulate the growth and proliferation of beneficial soil organisms (algae, yeast, bacteria, nematodes and
  • mycorrhizae)
  • Enhance root initiation and improve root growth
  • Accelerate seed germination
  • Regulate hormone levels in stressed plants

We offer potassium humates that are used as a multi-function compound fertilizer after combination with nitrogen and phosphorus. These are highly biodegraded and compressed remains of ancient plant and animal materials. These are also used as soil conditioners, plant growth stimulant and fertilizers efficiency promoters. We offer these humates at most competitive prices.