The effect of potassium humate on the yield of cucumber fruits in greenhouse

For potassium humate, the leaf area increased. Micro fertilizers, except lithium, had a positive effect on the formation of fruits, their weight and yield. The largest yield of cucumbers was obtained and potassium humate mixed with other trace elements: 33.63 and 34.0 kg/m2 with a control indicator of 30.75 kg/m2. One foliage fertilization with micro fertilizers also had a positive effect: in terms of yield, the variant of a mixture of all fertilizers was in the first place – 34.75, the PABA with a yield of 33.93 kg/m2 was in the second place, and 30.97 kg/m2 were in the control.

Chemical fertilizing did not affect the germination of seeds, except for potassium humate,according to which seedlings appeared a little later (after 5 days versus 4.3 days in the control). Only potassium humate had a positive effect on plant growth (the height was 3 cm higher than the control).

Pre-sowing seed soaking treatment in combination with foliar fertilization of plants in the 37-day phase contributed to an increase in leaf area by 6 and 2 cm 2 /plant according to potassium humate and PABA and a decrease in lithium carbon dioxide by 63.3 cm 2/plant on average, for 3 turns with a control indicator of 476.6 cm 2/plan

Average data indicate that the total effect of pre-sowing seed soaking treatment in solutions of potassium humate and micronutrients and foliar fertilization of plants was generally positive, which was expressed in a slight increase in the number of fruits per plant by 0.1-1.0 pieces, including standard 0.1-1.2 pieces. The weight of one fruit visibly increased relative to the control – by 0.013-0.019 kg. At the same time, the negative effect of lithium carbon dioxide on these indicators should be noted. It is possible that the concentration of the solution of this trace element used was excessive, as a result of which the yield decreased by 2.55 kg compared to the control. For the rest of the fertilizers, it has
increased significantly: the increase in yield exceeds the LSD value. The best result was obtained for PABA variants and a mixture of potassium humate with trace elements – 33.63 and 34.00 kg per 1 m 2 with a control indicator of 30.75 kg.

The obtained results of three turns showed that the use of pre-sowing seed soaking treatment and foliar fertilizing of plants with solutions of potassium humate and micronutrients, except lithium carbon dioxide, in the winter greenhouse contributes to plant growth in height, an increase in leaf surface area, and, as a consequence, a significant increase in the yield of cucumber fruits by 0.65-3.25 kg/m 2 with a control indicator of 30.75 kg/m 2.